Training Materials for 2019 Camp SOAR volunteers

In order to make the best use of everyone's time, we are having everyone complete a little over an hour of training BEFORE heading up to camp.  This training is for ALL counselors, regardless of experience.  It is important information for everyone to hear, even if you have heard it before. (For counselors with 3+ years of experience, read through the Guided Notes and if you are unable to figure out the answers, you definitely need to go back and review the videos!). We are also requiring all Cabin Leaders and Activity Facilitators to complete this training so everyone is on the same page. This will make for the best week for everyone.  

Please download the Guided Notes file, print, and complete as you watch the video.  These will help you on the quiz. We will be checking the quiz for scores and completion. Please take it seriously. 

Thank you SO much for your dedication and willingness to volunteer at such an amazing place :) We hope the information you learn in these trainings will make you feel more confident and comfortable when you arrive at camp this summer! 

Tara Hanson, Sari Rieger, Wendy Ptolemy and Meghan O'Halloran 

A signature program of Children's Research Triangle is Camp SOAR (Special Outdoor Adaptive Recreation), an overnight camp for children with special needs, ages 7-19. Campers are partnered with a one-to-one dedicated volunteer counselor who assists them in making the most of their Camp SOAR experience.  Parents know their child is having a wonderful time, making new friends and gaining independence, while in a safe and caring environment.

Camp SOAR is held at Wesley Woods Camp, Williams Bay, WI. The wooded camp includes a private beach on Geneva Lake, activity fields, dining hall and air conditioned bunk houses.  

For more information about Camp SOAR, to donate, or to volunteer, please contact (312) 726-4011 or

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