Research Internship Opportunities

All of our Summer 2020 internship slots are filled. We are still accepting applications for Fall of 2020.

The CRT Research Department is offering part-time unpaid research internships to qualified undergraduates in the Chicagoland area.

Internship Description: Interns will be involved in multiple ongoing research projects, including an ongoing evaluation of the Trauma Treatment Program, evaluation of a grant program focused on providing assessments for youth that have been prenatally and/or environmentally exposed to drugs and/or alcohol, the development of a database about children 0 to 18 who have been assessed and treated at CRT, and evaluation of a screening tool for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Interns will be actively involved in most aspects of the research process including searching for relevant literature, putting together research materials, interviewing families, inputting and cleaning data, and performing some data analyses. Students will be provided with the necessary training to carry out this variety of job roles and will receive ongoing supervision by a licensed clinical psychologist. Interns will be expected to work at least 6 hours per week. Students interested in working more hours can be accommodated. Internships can be set up for one, two, or more semesters.

Qualified applicants will be undergraduate students who have:

- completed at least one introductory course in psychology, behavioral science, child development, or social work with a grade of B or above, or enrolled in a pre-medical course of study,

- demonstrated merit in their undergraduate studies up until the present time,

- expressed an interest in pursuing future careers or further education in empirical research or medicine, and

- displayed the ability to work well with other people in a team-oriented atmosphere. 

Compensation: Interns will be given multiple learning experiences into conducting empirical research and working with prenatally- or trauma-exposed children and their families. Interns who are in a pre-medical course of study and who are interested in accompanying our pediatricians in seeing children will be invited to do so on a regular basis after at least one month of service. Interns who are interested in psychology and who are interested in observing psychological evaluations of children will be invited to do so on a regular basis after at least one month of service. Finally, interns may be offered authorship on submitted papers to which they have contributed substantially. 

To apply, email a cover letter, resume, and transcript to Kayla Scanlan.