In practice since 1998, our research-informed therapists truly value the art and science of therapy. With a solid understanding of the latest developments in brain development and therapy outcome research, we believe that a supportive, empathetic, and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship is the vehicle for personal healing and growth. Embedded in a variety of types of individual and family work, we work from a collaborative and individualized framework to provide the support, space, and direction needed for positive change.

We are experts on treating anxiety and depression, stress, trauma, home and school behavior problems, adoption, foster care, and complex life transitions. We provide services specifically to caregivers, including support for parenting children who are coping with significant stressors or exposure to traumatic experiences, as well as therapy for caregivers seeking to address personal stress and/or trauma experiences.

With a focus on maintaining consistency, empathetic engagement, emphasis on developmental processes and close attention to cultural experience, CRT therapists build trust and interpersonal connections that form the bedrock of treatment.

Trauma Treatment Program

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Community Outreach

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Parent/Caregiver Therapy

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