Medical and Psychological Evaluations

Our Medical and Psychological Evaluations and services are designed to support child development, social-emotional development, academics, and long-term mental health. Services include:


Consultative services are provided in person, by phone, and through a mental health HIPAA compliant video conferencing venue to address questions caregivers may have about their child. In addition to consultation regarding development and behavior, a review of previous evaluations can be conducted with special consideration to the needs of youth with a history of prenatal substance exposure, trauma, or family mental health issues.

Psychological/Educational Screenings

Parents may have concerns regarding their child’s behavior or learning, as well as how life events have impacted their child’s functioning. The psychological and educational screening uses standard measures, clinical interviews, a review of history, and/or consultation with CRT’s pediatrician to screen for various learning, behavioral, and mental health issues such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or learning disabilities. At the conclusion of the screening, recommendations support the child’s learning and behavior will be provided, including discussing the need for further evaluation or services.

Comprehensive Medical and Psychological Evaluations

Medical and psychological evaluations are performed by a team of CRT professionals, including a psychologist and pediatrician. The psychological evaluations at CRT include a comprehensive assessment of the child, including cognitive and learning abilities, adaptive functioning, motor skills, language, executive functioning, sensory processing, and social-emotional development. All children also receive a physical examination by a pediatrician, who consults with the cases. At the conclusion of the evaluation, feedback and parent education are provided. Recommendations for services and/or activities to support the child's ongoing development are provided and a written report is subsequently prepared and sent after the evaluation.

Parent Education

Both individual and group education is available covering a wide range of topics, including: normal child development, developmental delays, discipline, behavior concerns (for example temper tantrums, aggressive behaviors, bullying), traumatic experiences, and adjustment to family changes.