Project LAUNCH

In August 2019, Children’s Research Triangle, in conjunction with the Partnership for Resilience, received a 5-year grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) to improve the well-being of young children in Chicago’s Southland. Project LAUNCH developed a community partnership to guide the work Project LAUNCH is doing in the Southland. Project LAUNCH is:

· Increasing the number of screening and assessments being done in the community, with both young children and their parents
· Integrating behavioral health services into primary care settings
· Expanding the number of service providers in the community who can work with young children and their families
· Growing early childhood mental health consultation in Southland communities
· Utilizing public awareness campaigns to increase community knowledge and service access
· Providing service linkage for families in the Southland.

Please click on this link to watch our PSA video.

For more information about Project LAUNCH’s clinical and community services or for information on partnering with us, go to Project LAUNCH’s website or email Emily Odiase ( for more information.