Camper Medical, Seizure, and Additional Information Forms

In order to save time while completing the online application for your child, we have added these additional documents for you to download and complete on your own time. 

Please note: These documents do NOT need to be submitted with the application in December.
We strongly encourage that you complete these documents after your child has been accepted to Camp SOAR so that the information is recent. 

After you receive the acceptance email that your child has been accepted to Camp SOAR 2022, please locate the necessary additional information documents below and email to 

Forms for Medication, Seizure Information, Eating, Sleeping, Behavior, and Bathroom 

Camper Medications, Seizure, & Additional Information Word Doc 
word document version if you prefer to type 

Camper Medication, Seizure, & Additional Information Forms 2022 PDF 
PDF version if you prefer to write 

Photo Consent

Camper Photo Consent 2022 
must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned.

You may say no to photo permission on the form, please select your preference and return to 

Camp SOAR Timeline

Forms may be returned a variety of ways:
email to
mail to 70 East Lake St, Suite 1300, Chicago, IL. 60601
fax to 312-726-4021