Corporate and Foundation Funders

The clients, staff, and Board of Directors of CRT gratefully acknowledge these funders that make our work possible.   

White Corp and Foundation donors

These and other donations allow CRT to provide services such as comprehensive medical and psychological assessments, as well as individual, family and group interventions for families who could not otherwise pay for treatment. In addition, they support the costs of Camp SOAR, so that we can keep our tuition low for families who already have many medical and treatment expenses.

With your help we can fulfill our commitment to provide services to families who could not otherwise afford the benefit of state-of-the-art interventions. The staff at CRT is dedicated to providing needed services, thus inspiring hope and confidence, to the children and the devoted parents who want the best for them. We look forward to having the opportunity to make a difference together and provide very special children a chance to grow into their dreams.