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Speaker's Bureau

The clinicians at Children's Research Triangle have multiple areas of expertise related to caring for children with a variety of challenges including children with who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol or drugs, who have a history of childhood trauma, and who have learning and developmental concerns.  CRT staff is committed to sharing their extensive knowledge through training and community education. Our speaking topics and educational programs are designed to expand the knowledge and skill of professionals and parents who care for children with a variety of special needs.

Examples of topics of expertise are listed below—all programs can be customized to meet the needs of a particular audience:

Academic problems
DisorderDevelopmental delay
Emotional and behavioral problems (eg. aggression, tantrums, anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression, oppositionality)
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Foster care
Prenatal exposure to drugs and/or alcohol
Trauma, abuse, and neglect in childhood

 Examples of past presentations are listed below—all programs can be customized to meet the needs of a particular audience:

Understanding and Caring for Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Understanding the Impact of Prenatal Drug Exposure
Environmental and Prenatal Exposure to Methamphetamine
Substance Exposure and Child Development
FASD and the Child Welfare System: Identifying the Red Flags
FASD and Adolescent Development Transition--Planning for the Teen with FASD
FASD and Co-Occurring Disorders
Managing Behaviors: Considerations for Children Exposed to Drugs and/or Alcohol
Drug Abuse in a Child's World: Methamphetamines
Advocating for the Substance Exposed Child
Advocating for the Special Needs Child
Effective Behavior Management Strategies for the Substance-Exposed Child
Dyadic Interventions with Prenatally Substance Exposed Children Ages 0-3
Infant Mental Health Work with Prenatally Substance Exposed Children
What Is Infant Mental Health?
Assessment of Parent-Child Relationships
Clinical Considerations and Assessment of the At-Risk Child
Interfacing with the School System
The School Age Child: Assessment and Treatment Planning Across the Home/School Continuum
Advocating for Your Child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
School Behavior Problems Suspensions, & Expulsions
How to Work with Your School System to Meet the Needs of Your Child with Prenatal Substance Exposures
Developing Individualized Treatment Plans for Children And Adolescents
Parenting a Child with Special Needs: Managing Caregiver Stress
Supports for Foster/Adoptive Grandparents and Older Caregivers
What to Expect When Adopting a Child from Overseas
The Impact of Adoption on Children
Understanding the Signs of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
Understanding Normal Sexuality and Sexual Development
Understanding Sexual Behavior Problems in Children and Adolescents
Children Exposed to Violence and Trauma
Interventions and Treatment for Children Exposed to Trauma
Teen Dating Violence
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention
Addressing the Needs of Children with ADHD at Home and at School

If you would like further information about our Speakers Bureau or to arrange to have one of our professionals speak at your event, please contact us at 312-726-4011 or