Parent Feedback

Tony loves the camping experience and all his friends at Camp SOAR. This is an excellent program, run by dedicated people.

Laura anticipated camp for months and was beyond excited! You and your crew did not disappoint at all. She wished that she could have stayed forever.

We noticed how happy Stuart was and that he seemed more self-sufficient and confident when he returned. He has been answering questions more responsively and acting like he matured at camp. Camp SOAR was a wonderful experience for him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, we got lots of calls, with lots of questions. In an effort to be proactive and answer some questions you might have ahead of time, we have put together this list of FAQs. If you have questions or concerns that are not answered below, do not hesitate to ask!

Is there a swimming pool?

No, there is a private sandy beach. Lifeguards are present in addition to one-on-one counselors and supervisory staff.

Can my child’s sibling be his/her counselor?

Not recommended and strongly discouraged. We have found that even siblings who get along great could use a break from each other. Your campers' sibling will be able to visit with him/her during the day, but we will not assign siblings as one-on-one counselors.

Can my camper’s sibling be a counselor?

Yes! Current counselor applications are posted on this website each January.  For the most part, the only thing that changes from year to year are the camp dates. 

My child is on a special diet.  Can you accommodate special meals?

Yes, space is provided on the application to inform us of any dietary restrictions of your child. Also be sure to let your one-on-one counselor know of any food allergies. Please call us prior to the start of camp if you would like to discuss your child’s meals.

How will my child’s counselor know how to handle my child?

We provide a mandatory staff training for all counselors, both new and experienced. In addition, the parent is responsible for orientating their child's counselor to the specific needs of the camper. Please demonstrate how your child's leg braces come off and go on, how their wheelchair works, what will work to comfort the camper, etc. All of the one-on-one counselors have cabin leaders for support as well as float staff, Dr. Nancy and Nurse Ingrid, and the other professional-level staff members.

Will you accept children on a respirator?

Yes, but children who need one-on-one nursing care will have to provide a nurse, as we do not have the nursing staff to care for children one-on-one. Your camper's counselor is a volunteer and capable of doing everyday tasks that does not require specialization.

Can I have the address/directions to the camp?

Of course! We will include directions and a map to the camp with the acceptance letter.

How are the campers separated into cabins?

There are several cabins which are divided by gender and age. The child’s one-on-one counselor sleeps in the same bunk room as their camper. All cabins have their own bathroom and showers.

Can my camper share a room with a friend?

While we will do everything we can to ensure that the campers are with their friends and have a great time, the request depends on the room configuration of the cabin you child is assigned. Some rooms have more bunks than others. We do make every effort to honor bunkmate requests, be certain to have both campers put each other’s names on the application.

Can I call my camper each day?

We have found that homesickness seems to get worse with phone calls to home. Please do not call your camper. If you have concerns about your camper, you may arrange for the camp coordinator to call you during the week to check-in. Besides, your camper is busy having lots of fun!!

Is there a telephone number to the camp site?

The most reliable way to get a hold of anyone at camp is through Dr. Nancy's personal number, which is distributed with registration materials once your camper has been accepted.

Can my child be assigned to a specific counselor?

We do attempt to honor counselor assignment requests, providing both the camper and counselor make the same request.  Requests would need to fit into the structure of Camp SOAR: female counselors are only assigned to male campers under the age of 12.  Male counselors are always assigned to male campers.

Why do you not provide daily schedules of activities?

Some of the children at our camp tend to fixate on routines and schedules. Because of circumstances such as weather, availability or other unforeseen circumstances, we have to be very flexible while going through the day. Some children become very upset if they have been given a schedule which becomes inaccurate due to extenuating circumstances. Children who function better with schedules are given a list of activities without times in the morning to make their day easier.  A list of general activities is sent along with the suggested packing list.

Can my camper attend both weeks of camp?

Sorry, no. Space is limited. We are able to accommodate a larger number of campers by allowing each child to attend one session per summer.

Does my child need a current physical before I send in the application?  

Nope. Spots for Camp SOAR are filled somewhat on a first come, first served basis. You must send the first part of the application in order to reserve your child's spot. Once you are told we have a spot and qualified counsleor in place for your child, we will ask for a current physical and medication list. Completed applications must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of camp.