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Psychological and Educational Evaluation and Testing

Children's Research Triangle provides comprehensive assessments and testing that includes learning, developmental, psychological, and medical assessments for a multidisciplinary evaluation of your child.  A thorough review of your child's history guides the psychological and medical assessment with attention to your child's development, educational progress, and overall well-being.  On the day of evaluation, a diagnostic interview begins the process, which includes a medical assessment, psychological and educational testing, developmental review using a variety of testing modalities individualized to your child's needs.  Upon the completion of the evaluation day, a feedback session allows the psychologist to share findings and recommendations on how to help with your child's issues.  A comprehensive written report follows that includes your child's history, testing results, conceptualization and diagnoses, and individualized treatment strategies; the report serves as the cornerstone for comprehensive educational and treatment planning.

Some of the issues we can address in the Psychological and Educational Evaluation include cogntive issues, learning disorders, fine and gross motor development, attention and concentration, organization, impulsivity, memory problems, executive functioning, socialization, speech and language development, the impact of childhood trauma, the results of prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol, and other difficulties that limit a child's optimal functioning.

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